Support from Kurdish community

“I warmly welcome this very important statement from rank and file members of the Opposition party. The Kurds and the left have long been on the same side. It is crucial that the Kurds and British forces, left, right and centre are on the same side in the global fight against Isis fascism. Such initiatives also help the Kurds at this decisive moment in our history.”

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman UK High representa‚Äčtive to the UK, Kurdistan Regional Government

“The Labour Party should be at the forefront of the defence of the vulnerable, the persecuted and the oppressed. It is only natural for a leading British and European party with such a glorious history to play a role in alleviating the sufferings of the Kurds and other minority groups in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and Syria. The Labour Party will only be doing what it has always done and what it is expected to do. We are heartened to read this statement by Labour members and it gives us real hope that the help we need will come.”

Mohammed Shareef, Kurdish Academic and Author, Iraq




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